"In human and inhuman readable health coding we trust."

 What is Docle? It started off as medical coding for experience, knowledge, wisdom ..and pleasure but along the way a medical software company, seeing the ease of use and potential of a non-numeric health coding system made it Australia's No. 1 coding system for GPs. The body of work identified as "Docle" keeps expanding, it spans health coding, to computer representation of  ubiquitous health language, to medical messaging, to interoperable patient health records.

In a nutshell Docle can be explained by the following  design principles:

Docle design principle No. 1

Clinical codes are  wordful meanings and are intention revealing.

Docle design principle No. 2

Clinical codes are derived from ubiquitous health language in this manner: if the health concept  is one word then the first four characters of the word else if it is two words then the  first four characters of the first word plus the first character of the second word else the first characters of each word for the case of three or more words.

Docle design principle No. 3

Clinical codes grow with evolving order with both speciation and large scale structures in a Linnean manner.

Docle design principle No. 4

Clinical codes are designed to be snapped on together to form clinical statements (docle closures) using joiner codes. Analogous to the clinical concept codes being the neurons and the joiner codes being the glia.

Relatively new is a Docle live tree implemented with the ruby on rails and ajax.

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