Doclescript - all  good without gore or GEHR


        An elegant  EHRA is one of the holy grails. The effort  of  the CHIME group in pursuing this goal is to be lauded. But the GEHR design can be faulted on at least three aspects. The first weakness is its catholic approach to any medical coding system. The integralness of medical coding is in a sense destiny for the effectiveness of any medical record system. To create an EHRA without a predefined medical coding base is like defining a high level language and not committing oneself to either ASCII or Unicode. The second weakness is the lack of precision of its medical record infrastructure for decision support. The transaction in GEHR is too coarse grain. This aspect will cause GEHR to founder as its lack of an underlying scheme for doing machine decision support in the profound sense. An example of a profound function is a subprogram to pick up a lapse of clinical management, such as a failure to order certain tests in the face of persistent symptomatology.  The third factor that will cause GEHR to founder is its complexity.

        DocleScript is an alternative to GEHR -  it is designed in the manner of JavaScript or Perl. It leverages on the strength of the all but natural Docle language and medical coding system. Better still DocleScript is defined in Extended Backus Naur notation on a single A4 page. DocleScript is being used in some of the largest practices in Melbourne.