PLUM MEDICAL SPREADSHEET /DocleScript at Darling Harbour, Sydney on 3rd  February 2000


“Revolutionary medical software for tired clinical souls “



*   a complete electronic health record architecture with decision support

*   the universal transportable medical record system called  DocleScript, emailable medical records. DocleScript is a way to express a patient medical file as a computer program. It is commutative and associative, and is both human and computer readable.

*   power steering the consultation, a servo consultation module that does all the clinical thinking for you

*   integrity and intelligence at the moment of indecision with iterative problem solving utilising the PLUM medical spreadsheet

For product/pricing: see Ambassador Agreement


Product is too time consuming  to download ( > 40 Meg), this may change in the near future, therefore if you want a demo in a hurry please send $A49.00 for the basic/demo model of the Plum Spreadsheet CD. This will be credited to you if you proceed to a purchase or an ambassadorial  agreement.


Docle Systems will be exhibiting at booth 18 at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 10th Computer Conference at the Convention Centre, Darling Harbour , Sydney from 3rd to 5th February 2000.


A presentation will be given by Dr Y Kuang Oon  titled “DocleScript- all  good without the gore or GEHR” during the conference.


See you in Sydney!